About Us

About The Company

OvalHost is full scale web hosting service provider operated under IceNetworks Ltd. Which has nearly 10 years of experience in web hosting industry. Our goal is to provide fast and reliable hosting services to our customers worldwide. Being able to provide amazing technical support is one of our main focus. We are also spending a lot of resources on coding new technology and improving our existing services..

Our history

The roots of our company go back to 2008. When two Scandinavian web developers decided to put together a small operation to provide web hosting services to their existing customers. Their idea was to provide high standard hosting services with personalized customer support, that will go beyond the ordinary expectations. The business quickly grew to be one of the biggest in their market area. Today serving thousands of happy customers from over 50 different countries. OvalHost services are designed over the very same basic principles as when we first started.


We deliver what we promise. If you are not happy with the service, we offer 30-day money back guarantee.


We are committed to protect the enviroment by using renewable energy sources always when available.


We put huge effort in customer support and developing our systems, so you can have perfect hosting experience.

How are we different?

Today as the world is getting more globalized and things are happening faster, the consumers also expect more from their web hosting provider. We are constantly developing our technology for being able to serve our clients better in this rapidly changing industry.

We Stay Up-to-Date

We are constantly developing our technology for being able to serve our clients better in this rapidly changing industry.

We Are Global Operators

OvalHost has multiple data center locations placed in strategic locations around the world. This way we are able to provide faster page loading speeds.

We Grow With You

Whether you are a start-up or fully operational corporation, we have the hosting solution for you. With us, you can find everything under the same roof.

Our ideology

We believe that happy and healthy working environment is the key for perfect customer satisfaction. Hence, we run our company just like a family business. Most of our staff have worked years together and have become close friends with each other. We keep up high team spirit by rewarding our staff when they have performed their duties exceptionally.

We believe in green ethical values and for this reason we are using renewable energy source always when it is possible. We encourage our staff to work from their home offices, keeping more cars off the streets. This way also reducing our carbon footprint. We use part of our profits to support programs that help the earth to recover from damage caused by industry related pollution. Thus, we are not only preventing the environmental impact – we are also reversing it.

OvalHost respects everyone’s right for privacy. This is why we don’t require our clients to provide unnecessary personal details when ordering our services. We see no reason for an online service provider to know where you live or what is your phone number. We let our customers decide how much information they want to reveal. All our services can be ordered also completely anonymously.